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Camping vacations are an American pastime, and for good reason! Camping allows people to reconnect with nature, spend some quiet time enjoying themselves, and refresh before the next work week. But can camping be a good activity for couples? Here are three reasons you should take your relationship camping this summer.


If you can find a campground with Wifi and cell tower service, you’ve probably stumbled upon paradise. But if you’re living in the real world, then camping trips often force you to unplug from all of your technology. Putting away the computers and phones can help you reconnect to the people around you. Getting messy, tent camping, and roughing it for a few days is sure to help you built stronger connections with your loved one. And what better way to spend a summer trip or family vacation than sitting and talking around a campfire? Not to mention the marshmallows!


Summer camping trips are some of the most picturesque trips you may ever take. The sight of nature in full bloom during the summer is sure to stir up romantic feelings, especially with the warm, sunny campgrounds all around you. But the best part of camping vacations is after the sun sets. Once you get a nice fire going, some marshmallows and other snacks, and a few blankets, you’re set for a romantic evening for two. And even better, camping allows you to see all of the stars that light pollution in cities hides. It’s hard not to feel romantic under a sea of stars!

Creative food

Nothing brings people together quite like food does, and camping is the perfect excuse to break out the grill. But ordinary hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks can get a little bland. Figuring out creative ways to cook is a fun way to work together and to try new things, especially over a grill. It can give food a nice flavor that your oven at home might not be able to, not to mention prompt you to try grilling new things. You might find that you like something you’ve never tried before!

Whether you’re camping for a weekend or planning a full on vacation, it’s a great way to reconnect to your loved one and explore nature together. Summer is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to start planning.

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