If you’re someone who likes a rush of excitement and a thrill that makes your hair stand on end, then a doors off helicopter tour may be the best thing for you when planning Hawaii vacation ideas. In 2016 there were over 220,000 visitors in Hawaii on any given day. Many of those tourists probably passed up the chance to take a helicopter tour, but you shouldn’t. When taking helicopter tours you are given a whole new perspective and outlook on the places you have visited on the ground. The sites you see from a Hawaiian helicopter tour are absolutely breathtaking.

Helicopter tours can show you aspects of places you have never even imagined. Taking a tour of Hawaii from a helicopter can show you all the hidden valleys, waterfalls, caves, cliffs, shorelines and more you never knew about. You can view the entire area in just a couple of hours and see the insides of volcanoes that you would never be able to see from the ground. When looking down from a helicopter into the blue Hawaii ocean, you can see all types of marine life you wouldn’t want to get close to in the water.

When choosing a helicopter tour on your vacation ensure you stick with certified tour guides. Seat selection is entirely selected by the helicopter company and they decide this based on height and weight. You will still be able to see all the sites and scenery in the middle back seat, but for safety reasons, the helicopter company will seat you as required. It is best to call around and speak with companies offering helicopter tours to find out when the best time is to take your tour. The best times are ones with the sun setting or slowly rising as the colors produced by nature are absolutely stunning. Of course, it all depends on what bookings they have available, but try to aim for the best times of day.

When visiting Hawaii, it is always a good idea to take a helicopter tour on the day you arrive. If you get a chance to take a tour before you have gone exploring, then you can see the island from a whole new perspective. This makes it easier to choose where you want to travel around the island. It also gives you a chance to see the layout of the island and how far apart each destination is that you plan on touring. Taking a helicopter tour first is like having a map burned into your memory and you will be so happy to hit the air before you hit the ground.

The best way to compare pricing on helicopter tours is to take a look online. Most companies are very competitive with their rates and offer high discounts if you book online. You can also call around and ask what types of deals they can offer for a first time visitor and flyer. Locals are also great at pointing you in the right direction for money saving and experiences you will never forget.

Hawaii helicopter tours are one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. If you are ever given the opportunity, do not pass it up. Be sure to pay attention and ask questions when on your tour so you can tell the story of your sightseeing adventure when you get home.

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