Do you love exploring new places and new things? If so, pack your woolies and get your winter gear ready. Having a winter vacation with a family is always a fun and exciting experience, and one should have it at least once a year. The novelty of weather and exploration of the snow-capped landscapes is an experience that your family deserves.

Winter destinations are full of thrilling activities that everyone in your family can get to enjoy. Snowboarding, skiing, zip lining, rafting, hiking, rock climbing, village tour, and camping are but a few of the activities you can get to enjoy. If you love shopping for jewelry, you can become a diamond buyer and visit the best shops during your vacation. Besides, cooler weather that comes with winter is beneficial precisely for someone who has undergone facelifts surgery. Avoiding direct harsh sun during facelift recovery is recommended, making the winter season best for facelift healing with the least swelling and scarring.

As much as the family holiday in snow caped destination is fun, it calls for a different kind of preparation. Generally, winter is not a forgiving season, and for you to enjoy the crisp weather, there is a need for good preparation. Ready to make my plan for winter vacation? Listed below are seven tips that will help you stay prepared to enjoy your winter holiday.


Before packing, conduct thorough research about the destination and the expected weather for the time you are visiting. Several websites can give you an idea of the average temperature and precipitation of the place. With that, you can refine your trip and pack for the right temperature.

So when it comes to packing, cold weather trips are always challenging as compared to warm ones. Nevertheless, you can still have light packing for winter and have everything you need. Having the right winter clothes, packing layers, and using few clever tricks is all that matters. If you are headed somewhere colder for the holidays, here is how you can have a light packing for the travel.

For the cold weather trip, pack the following clothes.

1-2 fitted sweaters

When traveling, leave fun oversized sweaters behind and pack fitted ones, which pack more easily and are naturally temperature regulating.

2-3 long and short-sleeved tops.

Focusing on layers is the key to choosing winter travel clothes. So besides your sweaters, pack 2-3 long and short-sleeved shirts, so you can be ready for a full day of freezing weather as you are for an evening by a cozy fire.

2 pairs of pants.

For cold weather trips in urban areas, pack a pair of pants and leggings. Jeans are also good for winter vacation but not ideal if there is snow in the forecasts.

One down jacket

The most preferred jackets for winter travels are the Down jackets. These jackets are incredibly warm for their size, and they also pack down small when they are not used; and above all, they are weather resistant than more fashioned forward coats.

A lightweight, warm scarf

When it comes to winter vacation, a scarf is a must. When choosing a scarf, look for one that won’t consume too much space in your pack. Alternatively, a scarf that does double duty as an air pale blanket is also recommended. You can even grab a multifunctional Buff if you want ultra-minimalists.

A warm hat and gloves

It would be best if you considered a hat your winter wardrobe essential. According to research, we lose approximately 50 percent of our body warmth through our heads, which is a reason enough for you to carry a hat with you during your winter vacation.

Nonetheless, it’s not just about getting cover from the heat. A hat will play an important role in protection against UV rays. As much as UV rays are less of a problem in winter than in the height of summer, a hat will prevent direct contact between you and the winter sun, especially when you are skiing. So a hat should be on top of your bucket list when shopping for skiing apparel.

On the other hand, Gloves are meant to trap warmth inside and prevent your hands from getting exposed to the wind and cold. A significant amount of heat is lost from the hand, especially when the temperature is low and the winds are harsh.

Suppose you are skiing without gloves on; your hands will catch a cold faster, making you lose the grip; this can be dangerous, especially in the hilly landscape. So gloves are as important as hats; put them on your bucket list while shopping for ski apparel online.

1-2 pairs of shoes: boots and sneakers

Waterproof, neutral-colored pair of boots that go with all of your outfits are necessary for cold weather travels. You can pack a pair of sneakers that you can wear on nicer days or for your indoor workouts.

Several pairs of warm socks.

You will need several pairs of warm socks to keep your feet warm. So don’t forget to grab a few pairs of wool socks. Merino wool is the most preferred winter socks material, and this is because it is odor resistant and sweat-wicking than other materials.

Prepare your body for winter.

If you plan to go for a winter vacation, you should start preparing your body for winter as soon as you notice the first cool winter breeze. Your body needs to be prepared for the days to come. Serious ailments and feelings of melancholy always accompany the cold temperature. You are therefore advised to adopt good habits for you to stay healthy all season long. The following are some ways you can prepare your body for winter vacation.

Work out to stay warm.

Keeping your fitness routine before and during winter seasons s essential as it will always stay fit. A good workout is beneficial to your muscles as it prevents them from becoming injured or strained.

During winter, you will tend to put some holiday weight, so put in place a proper weight loss plan to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Regular exercise helps regulate the mood as well as fighting the season-associated sad feelings of depression.

Increase the intake of vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an essential role in protecting our bodies against diseases such as flu and cold. Our bodies can synthesize vitamin D in the presence of sunlight.

During winters, our exposure to sunlight is limited, hence making vitamin D deficiency a common problem. If you can’t access some light, add vitamin D to your diet. Some food containing vitamin D are salmon, cod, chia seeds, walnuts, dairy products, to mention a few.

Take care of your skin.

Do take care of your skin before you head for winter vacation. When you are hit with a first cool breeze, you will notice dry and patchy skin. Winter is the time to give your skin the care it deserves, so do moisturize it. Always use thick moisturizers and, if possible, avoid long hot showers as they can strip your skin of essential nutrients.

Additionally, autumnal weather is often associated with swing cold and wet to mild and bright. These fluctuating weathers and light quality can be havoc on your skin and by the time winter.

Reaches, you will be noticing some skin problems, which include dry flunky skin, dull skin, and dark circles under the eyes. Some aesthetic procedures and injections can help combat the negative winter-associated effects on the skin, thereby leaving your skin glowing in time for any social events. An example of such procedures is derma planning and chemical peels, or you can even opt for commercial cell boosters.

Boost your immune system

If you have a weak immune system, it would be appropriate to boost because a weak immune system is susceptible to diseases like cold and flu. So your goal during the season is to keep your immune system stronger so that it will fight off diseases. Vitamin C plays an important role in boosting immunity. So do consume a lot of citrus fruits.

Have your equipment checked

Before embarking on your winter vacation, you should be well-prepared and properly equipped. The equipment that you bring with you to the trip directly affects your safety and comfort. Always think carefully about each item you would like to bring and prioritize the most essential.

Do spend some time with your equipment before the trip and learn how it works. Ensure it fits, and don’t forget to run through the checklist one more time before leaving.

Buy your lift tickets ahead of time

Skiing in the mountains is always on the top of the bucket list for anyone going for a winter vacation. Before you head out, you will need to buy a lift ticket. Do a little research on the internet and pre-purchase the ticket as it can save you money. Buying the ticket at the window of your preferred resort can be a little expensive.

Plan your journey

If you are traveling via road for a family winter vacation, driving in inclement weather or on the wintry road is inevitable. While traveling under icy snowy and wet roads can be tricky, there are some simple steps that you can take before and during the time you are on the road to maximize safety. Listed below are some of those steps.

Check your route in advance.

When making my plan for winter vacation, make sure you visit the departments of transportation website for the update on road condition as this will help you be sure whether your planned root is fit for travel. Also, be prepared with an alternative route should you need to change your itinerary during the trip.

Take care of minor service issues.

Before leaving, check tire pressure windshield wiper fluid. While at your local dealer, do double-check if the chains you have bought are the correct size for your tires. Also, if you want stress-free travel, consider purchasing snow tires. Should you find yourself with minor car repair issues on the road, call your local gas station staff.

Get travel insurance

For many, skiing down snow-clad slopes is the most exhilarating and enjoyable part of their winter vacation. So as you will be heading out for your winter vacation, you are advised to get adequate travel insurance cover. Whether you enjoy fast-paced snowboarding, a gentler ski, or even buy ski apparel online, there are risks involved in a winter break, so do get yourself a travel insurance policy. Going skiing could be dangerous, especially when you are tipsy if you are having a drinking problem; most marina have servsafe alcohol instructors.

Make a reservation ahead of time.

If you are going to spend a night or more in your destination, do a prior reservation of where you, and you can comfortably rest. This is also necessary, especially when you have a family. Look for hotels and inn within the confine of your destination as it will save you from spending on unnecessary travel fares. Making a prior reservation also make you know in detail the information about the restaurant. Consider booking in restaurants with a certified servsafe alcohol instructor. These individuals have direct experience and the risks involved in serving alcohol. Restaurants with these certified individuals will always have responsible sales and service of alcohol. This is a plus to your safety measures since you wouldn’t go skiing while under the influence of alcohol. You should also ensure that the restaurant where you are staying has a good cell booster as this will enable good communication and the making of emergency calls should something go wrong during the outdoor activities.

Organize winter break camps for your kids

While you are on vacation, there will be many activities, but your kids should also enjoy themselves as much as you do. Winter break camps will be beneficial for your children. While they are engaging in sports camps and clinics, they can enjoy a ton of different activities, experiences, and knowledge. Studies have revealed that children can increase their self-esteem, get exposed to new spots and skills, learn social skills, get exposed to diversity, make new memories, and even learn leadership simply by engaging in winter break camps.







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