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According to studies conducted over the last several years, statistics show that Americans work more hours each year than workers in any other highly developed country. While the Japanese have long been regarded as having the strongest work ethic, whether or not Americans remain less committed to their work they have at least surpassed the Japanese in number of hours worked.

As far as vacation time is concerned, only about 14 percent of American employees are able to take a two week vacation, while nearly a third receive no vacation time at all. Granted, many of those who receive no vacation time are probably working two or three part time jobs, but nonetheless, it is still work. Therefore, those with the luxury of vacation time take it seriously, and taking the time to follow some basic vacation and travel packing tips should be a no brainer.

When you find yourself planning for that rare vacation, it is important that everything is planned well enough to minimize avoidable inconveniences and maximum playtime. Unfortunately, many vacationers do not put enough effort into planning and packing correctly, and following simple vacation tips. As a result, they end up creating time wasting inconveniences that could have been easily avoided by following a few simple, common sense traveling tips. The most basic of these are travel packing tips.

Although a lot of prospective vacationers will spend countless hours planning their vacations, they unwisely overlook common sense travel tips that might seem minor, yet are critically important. While vacationers will never make the most of their vacation time without sitting down and planning out where they will stay and what they want to do, if they forget to bring a money source none of that is going to matter anyway. It will just mean hours spent running around and wasting valuable vacation time. The sad part is much, if not all, of that time could have been saved if they had been mindful of a few summer travel tips.

If you are a full time American worker, you work more than the standard 40 hour work week. By the end of your first year on the job, you have earned a couple of weeks off. So why would you not spend 30 minutes or an hour of your planning time making a list of items that you need to pack? Of all the vacation tips that are available all over the web, travel packing tips might be the most important. For if you bring everything you will need, and nothing that you will not, the less time you will waste dealing with preventable inconveniences.

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