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Any vacation can bypass the relaxation phase and go straight to stress, ergo defeating the purpose of a vacation in the first place. There is no worse culprit for this than Disney. But if you prepare enough in advance, you can turn even the most stressful situations into a walk in the theme park. Below you will find five Disneyland travel tips, vacation tips and travelling ideas that will make your Disney experience more fulfilling.

1. Hotel

If you want to break the bank, Disney has a handful of hotels that are closest to the Disneyland gates. Should you be comfortable with paying that much for a hotel room that you will barely spend any time in, so be it. But you can find hotels that are within walking distance of the park, hurray no parking, and that will not charge you an exorbitant fee. Remember again, you are not spending any time there. Get a safe place to sleep and that is all you really need.

2. Food

Of all the traveling tips that are meant to save you money, this is the easiest for you to control. A single meal for just one person can push 20 dollars in the park. Bring trail mix, maybe a few sandwiches, either fresh or dried fruit, refillable water bottles. If you can snack all day, you will get your calories without having to sit down and waste time eating. And stay hydrated! Refill those water bottles at every fountain you see and you can drink on the go.

3. Clothing

Be prepared for anything and be comfortable. Closed toed, flat shoes. Layers. Shorts are okay as long as you have a nice sweatshirt with you. Sunglasses. A wide brimmed hat. Sun tan lotion. Be ready for rain. Be ready for heat. Do not be forced into buying any missing items from the gift shop!

4 and 5. Time and Expectations

This is the most important of Disneyland travel tips for your enjoyment. No matter how much you want to see, there will never be enough time. Some things you just cannot take into account. Have a general idea of what you want to see and do, and go from there. Remember to take your time to fully enjoy those things that you do actually get to see. And take breaks. You cannot enjoy something if you are out of breath and exhausted. And most importantly, do not get your hopes or expectations up! Enjoy it for what it is! The less you expect out of it, the less disappointment you are likely to feel.

I hope these Disneyland travel tips are enough to get you started. I cannot tell you the cheapest airline, or hotel deals, but those only get you so far. To enjoy your time, you need to be prepared, physically and mentally, for the Disneyland extravaganza.

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