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There are a number of reasons why 45% of Americans can choose to spend their summer vacations at the beach. Many might say, why not the beach? After all, the beach is something of a paradise. Some of us go to the beach to escape harsh weather up north or out in the west. Other people go to the beach to celebrate special occasions. Indeed, it’s estimated that 69% of people who choose to rent vacation rentals to do in the hopes of going on “celebration vacations”. Maybe that special occasion is a birthday, or perhaps an anniversary, or even a promotion. It doesn’t really matter — what does matter is that many of those vacationers end up choosing the beach. The beach was chosen by 45% of those polled in a recent survey as the best vacation spot — over cities, national parks, lakes, and resorts. At beach, you can relax and tan, or play hard — whether through a game like volleyball or through a water game. The beach unites the land and the sea, and in the same way it unites single adults and families on the lookout for a good summer. Though there are beaches restricted for adults only, many people choose to go to larger, communal beaches. It’s easy to be as private or as social as you want at the beach. So if you’ve chosen the beach as your vacation destination — great! But where should you stay? There are always hotels — but as you’ll see below, the best option is clear. Now more than ever, oceanfront condos are the best choice possible for those looking to vacation on the beach.

Oceanfront Condos Versus The Competition

So, why not stay at a hotel, anyway? Where once hotels were prime choices for vacationers, they’ve now fallen out of favor. True beachfront hotels are few and far between, due to the cropping up of resorts and beach houses, and for that matter beach condos. Those that do exist are very expensive, especially when you consider the fact that they are rented nightly — where oceanfront condos are often rented in packages, and for that matter easily shared by multiple adults, making a split price simple. Now, beach houses can also be rented in packages. However, beach houses are also more expensive than oceanfront condos, as are traditional resorts. There are five main reasons why beach condo rentals are favored over hotels or traditional resorts, according to a recent survey: the value for the price was the top reason, chosen by 94%; privacy was the second, at 90%; then comes full kitchen facilities at 87%; then there are amenities at 84%; and finally, more space overall at 81%. But there are other reasons why people choose to rent beach condos — and the reasons listed above become more important when you think about them on a deeper level.

Choosing Beachfront Condos: What You Get For Your Money

Let’s break down what people are really paying for when they rent beachfront condos. For one thing, there is value for the price. Again, you are getting much of what you would get had you paid for a beach house — there is technically less space, but the amenities are very similar, making the value for the price great. Privacy is fantastic, and certainly cannot be compared. A hotel, on the other hand, offers very little privacy at all. Full kitchen facilities are another way through which people can save money, as they give vacationers the ability to cook their own food rather than eating out at all times. Amenities typically include cable and internet — something that shouldn’t be discounted when you’re on vacation for an extended period of time. They also often include air conditioning and heating, as well as, in some cases, even security. Space shouldn’t be dismissed either. After all, quarters can get cramped after a week or so. Undoubtedly, condos are the way to go!

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