Charter bus for family reunion

A mini charter bus rental can be an efficient, safe, and comfortable way to travel with large parties. A mini charter bus rental can provide a variety of amenities and motorcoach companies can help the customer choose which type of motorbus would best suit the needs of their party.

For example, a mini charter bus rental has proven to be highly useful for school trips. As seniors and students made up for then half of passenger trips in the motorcoach industry in 2012, it’s proven to be a reliable way to transport children, be it for a field trip, a college visit, or even perhaps a day care outing. Small charter buses are ideal for transporting an medium sized group of people.

A mini charter bus rental can also be ideal for a family reunion or even a tour group. This type of rental would be perfect for those looking to travel together as a family or in a tour group. A mini charter bus rental would help to save costs for all and is additionally good for the environment, as it can be viewed as akin to carpooling.

The charter bus industry is booming, as motorcoaches account for over seven million passenger trips each year. In the United States, passenger travel has increased by over seven percent, and studies have shown that motorcoaches transport more people annually than airlines. The impact on the environment is no less positive. Travel by charter bus has the potential to remove at least 55 cars from the road with each full bus. This, in turn, reduces traffic congestion, emissions, and energy use. In fact, it has been shown that motorcoaches emit less carbon dioxide per passenger when compared to other forms of transportation.

Motorcoach transportation also has the ability to reach people that other forms of transportation cannot. For people living in rural areas, bus transportation is sometimes the only form of easily accessible public transportation. Motorbuses are also much cheaper to run when compared to other forms of transportation, costing only six cents per passenger as compared to the 77 cents per passenger it costs public transit and the over four dollars per passenger it costs commercial airlines.

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