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There are a variety of different uses for charter buses in this day and age. Charter buses aren’t very much like the local bus services that most of us are used to –and if you haven’t been on a motorcoach yet, you probably won’t know what to expect. Chart bus services can be rented out for a number of different reasons. They can simply take you from one facility to the next, if you’re in for a long journey and don’t want to or can’t drive your own car or take an airplane — though this is a much less common use than others. Many people charter buses for single day or multi day bus tours throughout big cities, while others charter them for family reunions and other special events. You don’t need any particular reason to chart a bus — the service is there for everyone, and can accommodate a variety of different needs. Below, we’ll look into the history of this industry, as well as the advantages of using charter buses today. You’d be surprised by how much they have to offer!

The History Of Charter Buses: From Past To Present

Charter buses may seem likely purely recent inventions, but in fact they’re based off of a history of public travel that stretches back a long way. Horse drawn buses, the precursors for our modern day buses, started gaining tractions in the 1820s. Of course, this gradually progressed into a more advanced function — but the system that was put in place for this means of travel was began in the early nineteenth century, with these horse drawn buses. In the 1830s, regular intercity bus services using steam-powered buses kicked off in England. The more prolific bus travel became, the more buses began to progress. Now, you can visit any typical charter bus facility and get a bus for a day or multiple days — often saving money in the long term. Today, motorcoaches provide 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel, compared to 92 passenger miles per gallon for commuter rail, 44 passenger miles per gallon for domestic air carrier, 27 miles per gallon for passenger automobiles. The transportation provided by a charter bus service facility not only gets you where you need to go — it gets you there how you want to go.

Charter Bus Travel: Comfort Meets Convenience

Some hesitate to travel via charter bus simply because they’re concerned about the comfort of doing so — especially when their journeys might take longer than a day. When some think of “bus travel”, they think of the uncomfortable and often dirty surroundings of public buses. In fact, charter buses are entirely different. For one thing, most of them are outfitted with air conditioning — that’s considered a must. They have more comfortable seating as well, which allow for passengers to truly relax. But the perks that come with charter buses go beyond the basics. If your trip lasts longer than a day and you want to make good time, you may want to choose a bus that comes with a bathroom. Other buses come equipped with wifi, which means that you can entertaining yourself on a mobile devices without using up data. Charter buses can even come with DVD players and television monitors — this allows people to watch movies as they travel. At the very least, this helps keep people from becoming bored.

Bus Services Today: Why Use Them?

So — why do people use charter bus services today? There are a variety of different reasons why you might decide to use a charter bus. They’re perhaps most helpful when people are traveling in large groups. Even if you can find an airline that can accommodate your group, it’s ridiculously expensive to travel in a group by plane. A charter bus facility might also be appropriate if you plan on touring a populated city, as it can transport a number of people at one time. There are so many uses for these buses — why not take advantage of them?

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