Charter a bus

When you set out on a new adventure, you want to be able to enjoy every moment. But you also want to be able to afford a full and exciting experience. One way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your adventure, and the best deals for the money you have to spend is to hop on board a bus.

The ease of bus travel makes exploring your state or even the country efficient and enjoyable, without the need to worry about paying attention to the road or the gas gauge. Whether you have a tour group and are thinking about chartering a bus, or you are heading out for a solo adventure, you will be able to travel comfortably on a bus, and make your experience even more interesting.

Let the bus get you to the facility where you’ll stay

Bus travel has evolved over the years. From the time of its origin, with horse drawn carriages getting people across town in order to reach home or the desired facility that was their destination, bus travel has succeeded in getting people where they need to go. And the comfort on board a bus has significantly improved from the times of bumping along in a carriage, or even from the times of bumping along on hard seats in city buses not long ago. But today, the comfort has improved so much that there are some cases in which a bus becomes the stand-in for a work facility. You can often find wifi on a bus, and many charter buses can easily become mobile conference rooms.

The many benefits of bus travel

There are many different types of bus travel, from intercity transportation, to cross country treks. The motor coach industry alone is comprised of almost 3,400 companies, most of which are small, local businesses peppered across the nation. Altogether, the fleet of the entire industry totals about 33,400 vehicles, and these provide services ranging from tour and sightseeing to charter, airport shuttling, commuter, or other scheduled routes. The wide reach of these many businesses provides transportation for a great number of individuals, who might not be able to afford other transportation options, or who find bus travel to be the most convenient for their purposes.

But on top of the ease and affordability, the motor coach industry has ways of helping both the economy and environment as well. These types of vehicles emit the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile, when stacked up against other means of transportation. Reducing the negative impact that we as a species have on the environment is crucial. Another positive factor is the money that is pumped into each community that each bus stops overnight in. Travelers hopping off of just one bus for a single night can end up creating as much as $11,660 for that community’s economy. Between accommodation, food, souvenirs, and other spending, visitors from bus travel can do a lot for the towns and cities that they pass through.

Want to get away on an adventure but can’t afford a plane ticket? Chances are there are buses that will get you where you need to go. Check with local companies and see just how far you can get on a comfortable, connected bus.

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