Special events

Charter bus rentals are awesome services that make it easy to plan special events without worrying about the transportation details.

Most people associate charter buses with single bus tickets that you might purchase when you’re traveling in between cities, but you might be surprised by the variety of services that a charter bus company can provide!

  • School trips: Whether this means a multi day bus tour in a different city or just a single day bus tour to some museums, charter buses are incredibly convenient for school trips. The kids can hang with each other and have some fun along the way, and the adults never have to worry about coordinating drivers and passengers in multiple cars.
  • Athletic programs: Some sports, like cross country, don’t require too much equipment. But when you’re transporting a whole hockey team or a ski club, you’ll have to account for a ton of equipment! This is where a charter bus service really comes in handy because you’ll have plenty of storage space.
  • Group getaways: Charter bus services are perfect for senior citizen trips, church trips, and even a huge family vacation! With amenities like air conditioning and on-board bathrooms, you can be sure that everyone will feel comfortable while traveling.
  • Airport shuttles: Traveling by plane might be the easiest way to travel a long distance, but you still have to figure out how to get to airport and back! Instead of leaving your car in an unattended parking lot for days on end, a shuttle bus service is a good way to arrive safely without paying tons of money for parking.

So now it’s your turn to ask yourself — just where can you go on a charter bus line?

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