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What constitutes a relaxing and enjoyable flight for you? Some customers would cite the comfortable material of the seats, while others find the food to be a deal-breaker on their way from point A to point B. An increasingly common concern of many are in flight entertainment systems, the technologically advanced methods of keeping customers entertained on a long and often tiring flight for business, vacation or relocation purposes. If your airline is to remain successful it’s essential to hone in on what customers need as well as what they want, as a mediocre or lackluster airline experience can become their first and last time doing business with you. Let’s take a look.

How Many People Fly?

Airlines are widely considered one of the fastest and safest methods of travel. Over eight million people fly around the world every day on average and the year 2013 saw a total passenger number of 3.1 billion — this surpassed the three billion mark for the first time in history. In flight entertainment systems are one of the biggest draws for customers who are traveling for the first time or for the eighth time and your airline can only stand to benefit by upgrading its pre-existing software. Aircraft display systems, in seat USB power slots and IFE monitors are but a few of the options you have at your disposal.

Why Do People Travel?

People choose airlines for a variety of different reasons. More than three out of four domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes, at nearly 80% in a recent study, and the rest are done for business or relocation. Direct spending on leisure travel by both domestic and international travels has recently totaled $640 billion and this number is expected to increase as the benefits of airline travel become more widely known. In flight entertainment systems and aircraft interior products are a fantastic way of keeping people occupied, particularly children, during a long flight.

What Do People Do On Their Flight?

Due to the cramped and limited nature of an airplane, many choose to occupy themselves while they await their destination. Studies have shown at least 40% of airline passengers watch movies, while 20% will read and another 17% or so prefer to sleep. In flight entertainment systems offer movies and shows, with a wider selection ensuring a wider variety of customers feeling entertained and satisfied during their flight experience.

What Do Customers Prefer On An Airline?

Did you know a 2013 Air Travel Survey conducted by Trip Advisor found at least 25% of respondents would choose one airline over another concerning available wi-fi? This means a simple feature can make or break your business model. The same survey also found up to 35% of customers consider an iPad or tablet carry-on an essential feature, with another 55% using their smartphones for flight status alerts.

What Makes A Successful Flight Trip?

With so many options to choose from, you’re going to want to offer the best technological advances to keep your customers from preferring your competitors. In flight entertainment systems, ranging from movies to tablet carry-on features to wi-fi, are quickly becoming a default customers expect to find when boarding an airplane. Upgrading your seat design to hold high quality screens or improving your Internet access will help boost your customer service rates and ensure your client base is always feeling their best. In flight entertainment companies can bring out all your airline has to offer.

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