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Summer time is vacation time.
For the many Americans who do not want to do their own driving, however, summer time is charter bus time. With offerings as diverse as downtown New York city to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, motorcoach companies offer a number of routes to the Americans who want to travel without doing their own driving. The benefits of traveling with charter bus tours include the price, the convenience, and the pace.
Motorcoach Companies Offer Travelers Affordable Pricing Structures
The decision to travel comfortably on a bus instead of flying on a cramped airplane is the decision to safe money. In fact, groups that work with motorcoach companies can even provide savings to groups of individual drivers. The fact that charter bus travel can occur overnight, for instance, means that individual drivers who otherwise would have had to spend nights in expensive hotels can travel through the night.
One of the biggest price savings is easy to see when you make a comparison of the passenger miles per gallon (MPG) between the various travel options:

  • Motorcoaches achieve 206.6 passenger MPG.
  • Commuter rail gets 92.4 passenger MPG.
  • Transit buses achieve 31.4 passenger MPG.
  • Domestic airplane achieves 44 passenger MPG.
  • Personal automobiles average 27.2 passenger MPG.
  • Hybrid cars get 46 passenger MPG.

Motorcoach Companies Offer Travelers the Convenience of Letting Someone Handle Travel Plans
The best travel tips and recommendations are no secret. Anyone at any time can find a list of all the best places that they should visit when they travel to a specific destination. Here is the catch, though: because everyone knows about the best spots, those locations are far more crowded than ever before. The lines are long, the locations are crowded, and, in some cases, travelers arrive at a location only to find out that they cannot even get a ticket for their desired event or attraction.
When you make the decision to travel with a charter tour, however, the travel plans are complete. The reservations are made. The parking is predetermined and the driver typically has access to curbside drop off. The extra tickets for the special features that are offered are already scheduled. Additionally, large tour groups can often negotiate better prices, which is a convenience for the pocketbook.
Motorcoach Companies Offer Travelers Affordable Riders the Opportunity to Enjoy the Ride
Tour bus travel allows the traveler the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the ride. With a competent and safe driver behind the wheel, the traveling customers can enjoy watching the scenery. From the beautiful views of Alaska to the expansive plains of the midwest, charter bus riders are provided large viewing windows that allow views that would be missed if they were the ones sitting behind the wheel.

  • Having affordable travel options like charter bus tours can help many more people have the chance to travel the country in an affordable way.
  • Industry research indicates that motorcoaches are three times more efficient in reducing CO2 output when compared to commuter rail. It is also six times more efficient than transit buses.
  • The statistics show that motorcoaches account for 751,000,000 passenger trips taken a year.

  • The demand for services and goods created by motorcoach travel, combined with new motorcoach sales and industry equipment purchases, generates employment for as many as 792,700 people.
  • How much longer are you going to wait to visit the Grand Canyon? Your great aunt in Portland? The historic sites in Washington, D.D.? Charter bus travel options can get you to the locations that are on your Bucket List.
  • Estimates show that seniors and students accounted for 50.2% of the passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry in the year 2012.

  • Research shows that the motorcoach traveler and tourist demand generates more than $55 billion a year in economic transactions.
  • One motorcoach spending a single night at a destination generates as much as $11,660 for that local economy in lodging, meals, and other spending.
  • A majority of long-distance bus trips are taken by females. In fact, the statistics show that females account for 55% of trips, while men account for 45%.
  • Do you have your summer vacation planned? Could a charter bus offering help you reach your destination at an affordable price, in a convenient form of travel, and at a pace that allows you to enjoy the ride?

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