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It’s summertime! Warm weather and a bunch of free days mean you’re likely ready to spend some quality time with your family and friends. But how? With so many options swirling around you, it can be easy to become lost in all the potential the hot summer months have to offer. For those that want a little bit of everything, camp resorts have you covered. You can enjoy the great outdoors, engage in a variety of physical activities and have one heck of a view when you wind down for the evening in front of a roaring fire. Is it any wonder that camping has remained the most popular social and family activity in the United States?

How Many People Go Camping?

Americans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. When it comes to commonalities, though? Camping is the great equalizer! The 2014 American Camper Report saw a whopping 40 million Americans (or, in other words, 15% of the population over the age of six) camping the year prior. These figures have remained relatively consistent, to boot, meaning you’ll be at no shortage of options when you open up Google and start digging around for good camp resorts to visit.

How Do People Like To Camp?

One size definitely doesn’t fit all! Some people prefer to camp their own way, whether it’s because they have a smaller family size or simply enjoy different hobbies during their free time. Every camping participant, whether they stayed in a tent or a cabin, spent an average of two weeks per year enjoying the great outdoors. Camping in a tent is popular for those that like to rough it more, while cabins and campgrounds are convenient and safe for families of all sizes.

Why Do People Like To Camp?

Now for the biggest question. Just why has camping resonated with so many people for so long? One of the biggest reasons is that of family. It’s great for one’s emotional and social health to put the troubles of the work world away for a weekend or two and just spend time with loved ones in a family vacation. Over 14% of adult participants in a recent survey said they sought out camp resorts to spend time with friends and family. An additional study saw the majority of participants saying they plan an average of four camping trips per year.

What Can Camping Offer Me?

You truly can have it all. When you go camping you have the option of enjoying your surrounding environment and taking in what you were too busy to appreciate before, from the fresh air to the beautiful wildlife. You can go fishing, swimming, kayaking or boating in the nearby lakes or take a long, thoughtful walk along mountain trails. Studies have shown around 70% of recent camping has been done in public campgrounds, making it the most popular option by a landslide.

Where’s A Good Place For Me To Start?

Exercising, socializing and relaxing under the stars. What could be better? If you need ideas for family campgrounds that can tick off all your boxes, consider Jellystone Park. Packed with comfortable amenities and located right in the heart of the great outdoors, you’ll never be at a lack of things to do while you ease the stress of the past few months’ working and studying. The year 2010 alone saw 40 million people camping, totaling a collective 515 million outings. Will you be stepping up to the plate this summer?

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