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Let’s say you’re a camping guru. You’ve been camping before, many times before, and you’re getting a little weary of the same old stuff every time summer rolls around. How can you shake up the formula while still enjoying the classic relaxation that comes with spending time with family in the great outdoors? It’s time to pull up Google and add a little pizzazz to your search, such as ‘campgrounds near lake’ or ‘camping amenities’. Contrary to popular belief, you can have it all and then some when you take time out of your life to set up a trip to remember.

The Most Popular Form Of Camping

How do Americans like to camp? Let’s count the ways. A recent study saw all Americans spending an average of two weeks camping regardless of whether or not they used a tent, RV, cabin, bivy or camp resort. Despite this, camp resorts have been rising significantly in popularity for their ease of access, convenience and security. If you have children or pets, you may just want to consider ‘campgrounds near lake’ when looking up places to stay this summer!

Fun Camping Ideas For Newbies And Veterans

We all know what camping entails. But what else can this recreational hobby do? Hiking and backpacking is great exercise, allowing you to enjoy nature while building muscle. ‘Campgrounds near lake’? You can add swimming, fishing, boating and kayaking to the list! You can even check out local activities, adding a sense of flavor to your setting and shaking up your routine.

Camping Trends Over The Years

How has camping changed over the decades? It’s time to look at some studies. Back in spring of 2008, the amount of people who went either hiking or backpacking within the past year amounted to an impressive 30 million in the United States alone. By the time spring of 2014 rolled around there were over 38 million people who had decided to hoof it along mountain trails and forest paths. All in all, campers have traveled an average distance of 186 collective miles for camping trips.

Amenities You Can Rely On

Worried about how comfortable your trip will be? Put those fears to rest! A campground near lake or river will be sure to give you all the relief you need to stave off the bite of hot weather, though the great outdoors aren’t the only bonus you can turn to. Additional accommodations include washrooms, safe campfires, mountain trails and cabins, all the better to make sure you and your family will have the time of their lives…comfortably, of course!

Why You Should Consider Camping This Year

Even routine campers can find ways to shake up the formula when they look up different camp resorts for their family vacation. Over 90% of camping participants in a recent survey by the 2014 Camping Report said they were either ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to camp the following year. All in all? Family camping vacations are easily the most popular choice for Americans and they spend a collective 535 million days camping across the country. Camping near a lake is one of the best ways to do something a little different while still getting the fun you crave!
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